Without meditation I have no idea who I am. In meditation I breathe my true and whole self.

Without meditation I am lost in a strange, forbidding world. In meditation I am found playing with the world, my fond companion.

Without meditation I am alone with no God. In meditation I am nestled in the tendermost Lap of my Immortal Beloved Supreme.


Without meditation I am bored and boring. With meditation I am full, fascinating and fruitful.

Without meditation I am listless and directionless. From meditation I am focussed and indomitable.

Without meditation I am a helpless victim of circumstance. With meditation I clearly see every condition is for my benefit.

Without meditation I am at the mercy of teeming desires. Through meditation I am the duck's back to desire.

Without meditation I see faults everywhere and blame everyone. Through meditation I see growing and glowing perfection all around.

Without meditation I want the world to make me happy. In meditation I see the world's happiness radiating from the depths of my heart.


Without meditation I am a slave of fate. Through meditation I am master of my destiny.

Without meditation I am insensible to the good, the pure and the beautiful. In meditation I drink goodness, purity and beauty everywhere and always.

Without meditation I cannot be sure anything is really real. Through meditation I have discovered everything to be absolutely real.

Without meditation my love is a tentative question. From meditation Love all-pervading is the ever-reverberant Solution.