"Every Breath of My Heart" - part 1

Harmonium"My Lord Beloved Supreme, With every breath of my heart I enter into Your Heart To love You only in Your own Way."

- Sri Chinmoy

Our heart has a life, a "breath" of its own. To be conscious of our heart's breath, to feel it, is to attune ourselves to our deeper, truer being and prepare to enter into the infinitely vaster Breath of God's Heart. This song is the devotee's guide to living inside the breath of our heart. Firstly, I enter into the Heart of my Lord Beloved Supreme, my Source. The droplet enters into the ocean, the leaf claims the tree as its own, the star becomes its galaxy. Why?

Simply to discover, affirm, glorify and immortalise itself... "...to love You..." Only in God's Heart can we discover and claim God's Love; and only with God's Love can we truly love God, our Beloved Supreme... ...which we must, for to love is the secret of all knowledge, all fulfillment, all being. We are the stuff of love, our God-Source. To love God "in Your own Way" is to speak Italian with a perfect Italian accent; it is to shun the unreal, to discover and become love as the Absolute Truth. Entering into the Heart of God the Creator to love God the creation, we become Love itself, the indissoluble, indispensable oneness-bond between the inner and outer worlds. To love God through God's Heart is to drink the mother's milk of Being; to know, become and perfect ourselves and the entire universe. This first verse is the perfect distillation of Bhakti Yoga, the eternal Path of Devotion. It embodies everything a God-lover needs in his quest for life-transformation and self-perfection through God-union. Yet it is only one third of the song...

(...continued in part 2...)

Listen to Sri Chinmoy reciting the poem on Radio Sri Chinmoy

Listen to Sri Chinmoy singing the song (with Jiban Debata) on Radio Sri Chinmoy