"Every Breath of my Heart" - part 3


(continued from part 2)

"My Lord Beloved Supreme,
With every breath of my heart
I look at Your Eye
To fulfill You only in Your own Way."
- Sri Chinmoy

The "mystic Eye of the Supreme" is the source and goal of Jnana Yoga, the Path of Knowledge, spanning the known, the unknown and the unknowable. It is the guardian of all mysteries, wherein the ultimate Knowledge, Knowing and Knower merge in the pure Being of Existence-Consciousness-Bliss.

As the eye is the window of the soul, to look at the Supreme's Eye is to glimpse, grasp and blend into the unfathomable silence-beauty, subtlety and sublimity of the Soul-Source. To look into the Supreme's Eye is to see reflected there the fullness of His Vision beyond even the unfoldment of His Cosmic Play. To look at and into the Supreme's Eye becomes the spontaneous thrill-surge of Self-revelation, the perfect tuning and merging of the devotee's soul with the Transcendental Soul.

On a deeper level, "to look at Your Eye" is to enter into, embrace and assimilate God's Vision as my own, to become not just an instrument for, but a partner, owner and executor of a mission and destiny far, far beyond our own conception. It is at once the means of our complete transformation, transcendence and perfection and, astonishingly, our Lord Beloved Supreme's Fulfillment.

Cradled in God's Eye lie our self-perfection and God-realisation - not merely the Goal of our lifes-long quest, but the most essential and pressing need of God Himself.

The notion of God needing us for His Fulfillment is a radical yet essential tenet of Sri Chinmoy's message for mankind.

Radical, for it implies God is not yet fulfilled, that He needs the active participation and partnership of His creation: indeed that this partnership is the very purpose of our being, the meaning and justification of the created universe, the endgame of the Cosmic Play.

Like "sitting at Your Feet," to "look at Your Eye" is far from a passive activity: it is action of the most dynamic and far-reaching consequence. To blend with God's Vision entails nothing short of implementing that Vision in full - to enact God's Purpose, thus fulfilling God.

In this song Sri Chinmoy instructs us not just to love God, not just to need God, not just to know and heed God's Will, not just to become God, but to fulfill God "in Your own Way."

This song unifies "with every breath of my heart," the threefold path - of bhakti, the yoga of love and devotion; karma, the yoga of action; and jnana, the yoga of knowledge - into the supreme yoga of God-union and God-fulfillment.

This one song charts the devotee's journey from seeker to lover to participant to senior partner in God's Being. It elevates the devotee from self-aware individuality into God-centred Reality. It unlocks the mystery of creation, reveals the purpose of life and pilots mankind to our destination.

All from one tiny seed of devotion...