iPod Enlightenment


My comings and goings take me once or twice a week on long bus journeys through the Australian countryside.

For these excursions my most trusted traveling companion and fashion accessory is a blue-suited iPod. It not only ensures I am looking good: no matter what is happening around me, it offers a nestleous cocoon of entertainment, inspiration - and even enlightenment…

Endless hours of music are my insulation against boredom and passport to realms of rolling rapture.

Yet the pastime I most treasure is immersion in previously downloaded episodes of “Meditation-Silence.”


Each episode of this simple yet superlative podcast features a few choice words of wisdom selected from Sri Chinmoy’s writings followed by a lengthy, close-up glimpse of Sri Chinmoy in meditation with the accompaniment of Sri Chinmoy’s soothing flute music.

To me, this podcast is the single most valuable resource on the entire Internet, affording access to the purest source of enlightenment - the silence-heart within.

Now each time I alight on a bus with my blue-suited iPod, I am assured at once of a ride to a distant city, and a journey to a most intimate Infinity…