Marathon Training Program

Welcome to a 12-week training program for the Self-Transcendence Marathon in New York this coming August 2005.

Inspired by Sri Chinmoy, many of his students run a marathon each August.  This training program is designed to assist those who would like to prepare themselves for the event in advance. There are two training options. The 'Full Cream' program is for those who have been running regularly, can now cover a half-marathon distance without too much trouble, and are perhaps aiming for a particular time in the marathon. The 'Lite' program is for those who have not been running for so long, may have less inclination or aptitude for running, are coming back from injury, have limited time to train, or simply want to be sure to complete the marathon distance. Both programs include up to two days per week of no running. This may appear heretical to some, in which case, please ignore the days off and run for two miles on those days. You will note that on these days, there is usually some other activity in the schedule, such as swimming, cycling or a weights session. Please adapt the program to suit your own schedule and taste. For example, you may have a weekly 2-mile race which you like to run, but is not included on the program, so run it anyway, and adapt the schedule accordingly. It doesn't matter if you switch days around, or skip days here and there. This is a model only, for each individual to adapt and build on as they see fit. Inspiration always comes first. If the program calls for a 22 km run, and you're inspired to run 32 kms, then go for it! The most important run in this program is the weekly 'long run.' It's the one session you MUST do! This is scheduled each week on a Sunday, so if for any reason you can't fit it in on a Sunday, please juggle the sessions around so that you don't miss the 'long run.'