Week 2 - "Lite"

For the next few weeks, we are working to establish a solid 'base' on which to build our training in the coming months.

Monday June 6 - easy recovery run, 3 km (2 miles), just to keep the legs turning over. Tuesday June 7 - 20 to 30 minutes of alternate exercise: cycling, swimming, gym work, anything that inspires you. Enjoy a day off running. Wednesday June 8 - good distance run, 8 km (5 miles) over reasonably hilly terrain at moderate intensity, pushing harder for the final 5 minutes. Remember to 'warm up' prior to every run - spend 10 minutes jogging lightly, and include some skipping (not rope-skipping, though that's also an excellent work-out), arm swings, high knee bounds, butt kicks and a few short stride outs. Then meditate for a minute before starting your run. Both inner and outer preparation are important to ensure you are fully 'present' and committed to the activity, and get maximum benefit from your run. Also be sure to 'cool down' by jogging lightly for 5 minutes at the conclusion of each training session. Thursday June 9 - relaxing 3 km (2 miles) jogging 'conversational' pace. This means exactly what it says - a pace at which you can comfortably maintain a coherent conversation and continue to think clearly. In addition to running, alternate exercise for today will of course include the sit-ups, push-ups and lower back exercises which are an essential component of every runner's DAILY regime. Friday June 10 - 7 km (4 miles) at reasonable pace on flat road surface, incorporate 4 x 100 m 'strides,' accelerating into them eagerly while focusing on good form and rhythm. Saturday June 11 - no running day, include some moderate alternate exercise. Sunday June 12 - Sunday morning longer run of 12 km (7 miles), preferably out of the city, on dirt trails. Cycle in the afternoon to keep the legs loose, if possible.