Week 10 - "Lite"

From this point, most of the serious work has been done, the die is pretty much cast. We now wind down our training intensity, tapering so as to start the race fresh and strong.

Monday August 1 - just a light jog of around 3 km (2 miles). Tuesday August 2 - strength endurance, 7 km (4 miles), incorporating 2 km (1.5 miles) at 2-mile race pace, then immediately into 3 x 2-minute hill repeats. Wednesday August 3 - light recovery run, 3 km (2 miles), and some swimming if possible. Thursday August 4 - 'focus' run, 8 km (5 miles) including 3 x 7 minute 'tempo' efforts at about your 5 km race pace with only a 2-minute slow-jog recovery in between. This session is all about gearing our body, vital, mind and heart toward the task at hand.  Throughout each 7-minute 'tempo' effort, try to remain completely focussed, eagerly striving yet consciously relaxed. Friday August 5 - medium intensity run, 8 km (5 miles) including 4 x 100 m downhill 'strides.' Float above the ground during each of the strides. Saturday August 6 - day off running. Try something else. Sunday August 7 - Sunday long run, 20 km (12 miles). If possible, run with a group who might also be in training for the same marathon. Entering a race with close friends widens the heart, strengthens the collective will and expands your capacity and enjoyment.