"Every Breath of my Heart" - part 2


(continued from part 1)

The second verse of the song can be seen as encapsulating the essence of Karma Yoga, the Path of Action:

"My Lord Beloved Supreme,
With every breath of my heart
I sit at Your Feet
To need You only in Your own Way."
- Sri Chinmoy

"To sit at Your Feet" may sound like relaxed inactivity - but is precisely the opposite; the most intense, prayerful aspiration-alertness.

God's Feet connect Vision, Heart and Power with the earth-plane reality, our world of action where the Cosmic Game is played out.

The seed of our action germinates inside each breath of our heart as we 'sit' at our Master Beloved Supreme's Feet to implore and receive His Protection, Instruction, Inspiration and Blessings to flow through our activities and align them with His Will...

When we see and feel our world as God's Feet, the door is opened between our outer life and God's Light, Love and Joy within.

"...to need You only..." It is not just that we need God, or that God is our foremost need: God is our ONLY need in every thought, word and deed. Only when we need God only, can our outer life truly express our inmost reality of God's Light, Love and Joy.

"... in Your own Way." To need God in our own way, to invoke Him for our own purposes is a most common failing, wherein we sell both God and ourselves short, settling for the cluttered confines of our own imagination in place of His boundless Vision. Only to need God far beyond our own conception of need might we even glimpse our Ideal, our actual need: the fulfillment of God's Purpose in us.

A sublime paradox: our mind may reason that because I need God, I sit at His Feet. Yet in this song the devotee feels the deepmost truth: that only by first sitting at God's Feet, do I fully realise my need to truly need God in His own Way inside every breath of my heart, and hence every action of my life.

The flower blossoms from within, or it blossoms not at all...

Right 'sitting' becomes right needing, becomes right doing.

Thus from perfect inaction the karma yogi proceeds to blaze his trail of glorious deeds.

(continued in part 3)