river1-1.jpgApparently Sri Ramakrishna advised his disciples, that whenever they would come across a river or body of water in their travels, they should stop there and meditate. Rivers have long been held sacred.  Outwardly they bring life, nourishment and livelihood; inwardly they offer beauty, power, newness and sacrifrice. 

Hailing from the world's driest continent, Australia, I have since childhood been enthralled by rivers and streams, always drawn to pause, to gaze, listen and wonder.  Flowing water works on me like a charm, beckoning within to contemplate life's beauties and mysteries.

river2-1.jpgA river is never the same from moment to moment.  Whether a bubbling puppy of a brook or a wise, languid old lion, it sings the song of constant renewal in unreserved self-offering.  Rivers are like angels: heralds and messengers from within.  As rain brings God's Compassion from Heaven, so rivers convey the Compassion-Blessings to the world. While watching I try to listen, as the stream whispers or murmurs or chortles its own blessing-message.  Upon parting, I always feel cleansed and renewed, as though part of me were melted away downstream, giving way for something fresh, subtle and energising. No matter where I go or what I do, so long as I can see or feel or hear a river flowing, outwardly or within, I shall always be happy...